Process Service

You can trust Relentless Pursuit to deliver your legal papers. We provide service by the Rules and Statutes and we use all legal means available to accomplish service. We then provide an affidavit that will be self-explanatory to the court.

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Skip Trace

When finding the Servee is not optional, Relentless Pursuit is the right choice for your skip tracing. Our skip trace expertise includes the routine searching of public and proprietary databases you would expect from skip tracing, but does not stop there.

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To effectuate a serve, Relentless Pursuit will “stake out” a location where we know the Servee will be present. Most of the time service is then simply a matter of handing the documents to the Servee and rarely are there any other issues.

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Court Filing

Although most filing is electronic, if your case requires physically filing the original copies at the court, Relentless Pursuit can pick up the documents and file them at the appropriate court, quickly and accurately.

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Trusted Courier

When there can be no mistakes getting your documents to the right person, we are happy to provide courier service. We won’t be the cheapest; this is for those times when you need the same care we give to process serving.

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Mobile Notary

Notary service can be provided for our clients at any location in the Denver Metro area. We are in business to serve documents, but some of our clients occasionally need a trusted notary outside of their office.

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We Offer Three Speeds Of Service

Routine Service

Rush Service

Extreme Rush Service

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